error in WiFiNina - wrong return code from WiFiDrv::getConnectionStatus()

In library WiFiNiNa/util/wifi_drv.cpp, in function WiFiDrv::getConnectionStatus(), there is this:

    // Wait for reply
    uint8_t _data = -1;
    uint8_t _dataLen = 0;
    SpiDrv::waitResponseCmd(GET_CONN_STATUS_CMD, PARAM_NUMS_1, &_data, &_dataLen);

An unsigned int can't have a negative value, so _data is set to 255 instead of -1.

I haven't figure out why yet, but waitResponseCmd sometimes times out without setting _data (I set _data to a new value prior to the call), so the function returns a value of 255, which is WL_NO_MODULE. This is obviously not the correct value.