Error initializating MCP2517FD controller over SPI with Arduino Due

I am using the acan2517FD library with an Arduino due. My initialization code is below:

    # define MCP2517_CS 9
    # define MCP2517_INT 2
    canController = new ACAN2517FD{MCP2517_CS, SPI, MCP2517_INT};
     // Arbitration bit rate: 125 kbit/s, data bit rate: 500 kbit/s
    ACAN2517FDSettings settings{ACAN2517FDSettings::OSC_40MHz, 125 * 1000, ACAN2517FDSettings::DATA_BITRATE_x4};
    uint32_t errorCode{0};
    for (uint8_t i = 0; i < CAN_INITIALIZATION_RETRY_COUNT; i++) {
        errorCode = canController->begin (settings, [] { canController->isr(); });
        if (errorCode == 0) {
            SerialUSB.println ("Can OK") ;
            return errorCode;
        } else{
            SerialUSB.print ("Error Can: 0x") ;
            SerialUSB.println (errorCode, HEX) ;

I am using the following breakout board: CAN-FD Breakout Board With SPI with the following wiring:
Arduino | CAN-FD
50 (MOSI) → DO
51 (MISO) → DI
52 (SCK) → SCK
5v → 5v
3.3v → 3.3v
9 (CS) → CS
2 (INT) → INT

And I get the error code 1 (kRequestedConfigurationModeTimeOut). I have the jumper on the board set to 3.3v voltage levels. Can you see anything I can try or something I’m missing? Does CLKO need to be landed somewhere? I also don’t know what the oscillator is, but I’ve tried every one of the ACan2517FDSettings::Oscillator enums and get the same result. I have also tried switching DO/DI. Thanks.

DI/DO are swapped in above connection description. If you connected it that way you may have fried the MCP2517 or the Due because it created a short circuit on the MOSI/DO pin if CS was pulled LOW. Can you check with a new MCP2517 chip (I expect the Due to be a bit more tolerant to such abusing behavior) and DO connected to MISO and DI to MOSI?

Hi, I'm having the same problem using the same Hardware and the same library.. Did you manage to solve the problem?

Hi, I'm having the same problem using the same Hardware and the same library..

So you did the same wrong connection?

Did you solve the problem? How did u do the connection for CAN h and CAN l signal? I mean should we solder soem jumpers or anything other than supplier gave? which library is working as I see a lot of aree there and I am unable to make it work?

Where you guys ever able to get this working. I have a MCP2517FD Click coming tomorrow and intend to use it with a DUE.

Will you need CAN 2.0 or CAN FD ?

I need CAN-FD. I am banging my head against the wall. I have been at this for a week. I can't get this to work. I have tried with a Teensy 3.6, Due, and Mega. I can't get SPI to work correctly on any of them.