error invalid device signature

Hello everyone,

I’m very new to programming and arduino in the basics yet I’m trying to burn he bootloader on a bought atmega328p ( I’m doing this with Arduino ISP ) but everytime I want to bootload i get this error. It sometimes gives me 000000ff or something else as the device signature.

avrdude: Device signature = 0x000000 (retrying)

Error while burning bootloader.
Reading | ################################################## | 100% 0.00s

avrdude: Device signature = 0x000000
avrdude: Yikes! Invalid device signature.
Double check connections and try again, or use -F to override
this check.

Note : if you want to know something or if I have to send you a code be specific on how to send it so there will be no extra difficulties.



Double check connections and try again... Exactly as written, there is no response from target MCU. Wiring diagram? Here is a lot of topics with same problem. Even from today. Did you read any?

I checked the connections properly and followed all the wiring connections that where made on the guide on this site.

I have red many different guides and tips but since I'm a beginner I don't uderstand a lot of this troubleshouting fixing.

Zero response means that there is no connection to the target device. In 99% of cases it is HW issue in wiring. The guide for Arduino as ISP here on web is correct. You can try Nick Gammon's page which is probably better for beginners.

In any case, Arduino as ISP is about ISP sketch and 6 wires between programmer and target. It is very simple. Please, post photo of your setup.

Alright thanks for mentioning that. I can't send a picture of my layout because the file is too big.Is there any solution?

I had this problem. Always turned out to be wiring was wrong or poor connections, especially with breadboards. Check and check again.

@Kintara: Exactly!
@JasperBos: Decrease the size of picture or add just the link to the picture. Read the basics rules of the forum, there is description how to add picture.

If it is a device signature problem - different versions of the 328 , if anything like the 1284 , have different device signatures . You can get round that by editing the .conf in AVRdude. The UNO uses the 328p-pu version ( as I recall , see what’s printed on the chip) Google is you friend for that. - suggest you google the device signatures for an Arduino board and the chip you have - if they differ that’s the problem

I believe, it is not only signature problem. All zero means usually the target doesn't respond at all. There is no connection to the target, probably.

Good point …

Frequently 0x000000 indicates that you configured the chip to use a crystal (by doing 'burn bootloader' for a board def that uses a crystal, such as, i think, any 328p-based official board), but are trying to use it without one, or have not connected the crystal properly (don't forget the loading caps, and keep connections as short as possible).

Since the IDE does bootloader burning in two steps - first the fuses, then the bootloader to flash, if you have a board with crystal selected in the IDE, but no crystal selected, it will set the fuses, and then take it out of programming mode (latching the fuses and hanging the chip) and then see 0x000000 sig during the second step. Thereafter all ISP programming attempts will fail until a crystal or clock source is connected. However, people generally don't see this because of the small size of the console section of the window, so this smoking gun (very first step of first bootloader-burning succeed, all subsequent ones fail) is rarely seen.

0x000000 sig can also be caused by a wiring mistake.