Error Launch4j

Installed a Yunshield to a Uno and got a lot of problems .. have already told this sad story with ample details before.. noone had something comfortable to tell yet ..sigh:(

Now , having continued my investigations I have at least advanced a bit ... but problems remain and sofar , no solution in sight . Continue telling in case it helps someone to advance with similar problems ,and hopefully ending in a solution for us all ...

OK , what´s the problem ?

Everytime I start the 1.5.8 edition that is supposed to be able to handle the Yumn, I get the message "Launch4j" error

Maybe noted , I work with an old Windows XP-computer ...Not expecting any difference I nevertheless tried also my backupcomputer , maybe 5 years older still , and ??????????? the IDE started to show sign of life ... Wow !! A few times showed the same error but the IDE still started .. then finally I am now able to startup this version of IDE with no error message . BUT .. now next problem ... in this configuration the IDE is supposed to communicate to upload scetches etc. via WiFii nstead of USB ... but checking available ports show no sign of WiFi possibility ...


Stuck again.

Having achieved this I returned to the first PC and transferred the Java-file to that one .. hoping for some positive response... but no ... same as before...

Someone has a clue ?