Error Message about libraries

Hello i have an error message about the libraries that i’m using :

In file included from C:\Users\Name\Desktop\Automatic-StewartPlatform-master\Automatic-StewartPlatform\Automatic-StewartPlatform.ino:6:0:

C:\Users\Name\Documents\Arduino\libraries\ArduinoMotionSensorExample-master/I2Cdev.h:144:11: error: redefinition of ‘class Fastwire’

class Fastwire {


In file included from C:\Users\Name\Desktop\Automatic-StewartPlatform-master\Automatic-StewartPlatform\Automatic-StewartPlatform.ino:4:0:

C:\Users\Name\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Fastwire/Fastwire.h:29:7: error: previous definition of ‘class Fastwire’

class Fastwire


exit status 1
Error compiling for board Arduino/Genuino Uno.


Can anybody help me with this error ?

p.s. I’ve attached all of the libraries that i’m using

Edit : I’ve solved it with changing all of the fastwire’s to Fastwire in I2Cdev library but now i am getting another error which is
C:\Users\aykut\Documents\Arduino\libraries\ArduinoMotionSensorExample-master\inv_mpu.cpp:50:2: error: #error Which gyro are you using? Define MPUxxxx in your compiler options.
#error Which gyro are you using? Define MPUxxxx in your compiler options.
I don’t know where to define MPUxxxx ?, where’s the compiler options

I2Cdev.cpp (55.1 KB)

Fastwire.h (840 Bytes)

Fastwire.cpp (3.36 KB)

I2Cdev.h (11.8 KB)

Often, when you unzip a library like:

you get:


Inside of that you find something like


And inside that you find:

Automatic-StewartPlatform.cpp Automatic-StewartPlatform.h

Usually, whatever the .h" and ".cpp" files are named is what the library should be named in the IDE's directory. Your error message suggests that you still have the "master" word as part of the library name.

The errors are quite explicit - there are two different conflicting definitions of the class Fastwire in the libraries - they are not compatible.

However, if you delve into I2Cdev.h you'll find this configuration setting:

// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// I2C interface implementation setting
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

So try switching over to I2CDEV_ARDUINO_WIRE, or else giveup on #including Fastwire.h