Error Message Connecting My ESP32-CAM the first time.

Hi Everyone,
Im hoping you are all safe with the virus staying away.
Im having no success at connecting my ESP32-cam the first time. watching videos and searching I lots
folks have the same problems with it. Im getting the error saying it fatal error timed out waiting for
packet header. Sounds like im praying Mortal Combat!! Anyway, If y'all could help me get this going I'd
appreciate it a lot.

I'm using a FTDI board from Amazon to hook it up. I also have an Arduino Uno, ESP NodeMcu its the
Wemos LoLin version. I have a adaptor board for the NodeMCU but its not much help since it is 6v-24v.
Im really new to this and do not yet know much about the software side either, (coding I guess you
would say) Thanks in advance for any help I can get.