Error Message Exit status 1

hey community,
i hope someone can help me. I got an exit status 1, and i dont know why.
error message and the failing program is attached.
OS is windows 10.

Arduino.doc (36 KB)

sketch_sep02a.ino (2.14 KB)

Post the error message right here on the forum, using code tags (</> button on the forum toolbar). If it’s longer than the 9000 characters allowed by the forum, then you can use an attachement, but not as a .doc!! Use .txt so it’s easy for everyone to view!

C:\Users\Daniel_2\Documents\Arduino\libraries\rfid\MFRC522.cpp:81:1: internal compiler error: Segmentation fault

I think this is the bug in 1.6.22 and 1.6.23 of the official AVR board packaged. Open tools -> Boards -> Board Manager, go to Official Arduino AVR board package, select 1.6.21 from the version menu and click install.