Error message explanation

Where can we find explanation of error messages (it's not always evident!)

Googling the error message is often helpful and the error messages, whilst sometimes cryptic, are often helpful, but the context is important too, so there is really no such thing as an explanation of the error messages in isolation.

Do you have a particular error message that you need help with ?

An error message is only where the compiler got stuck. Often this is not the same place as the line causing the error. That is why they seem cryptic not only to beginners but sometimes to experts as well. Normally the line you make the mistake in is before the error message.

I often use tabs in my programs to cut down on scrolling thru long pages of code. Really irritating find an error that's on a different tab.

I finally fund my bug… Need to place greater then (>) or smaller then (<) in front of the equal sign (=) otherwise, here is the message I got:

“exit status 1
expected primary-expression before ‘>’ token”

the answer was:

// if (targetValu >= 690) // instead of // if (targetValu => 690)