Error Message: HTTP_DS18B20:273:3: error: 'server' was not declared in this scop

Dear all,

I'm new to programming. However, I have had the following code working before making some additions in order to also include a display. I don't know how this could have an impact on the ESP8266WebServer.

I think I declared it correctly in line 59 ("ESP8266WebServer server(80);"), yet I get the following error message in line 273. Can somebody explain that to me?

HTTP_DS18B20:273:3: error: 'server' was not declared in this scope



exit status 1
invalid conversion from 'const char*' to 'char' [-fpermissive]

I had to put the code into a file due to the message length restriction in this forum.

Thanks in advance for your help!

The problem is this line

char apiKey = "GOHCCLWVYR12X3Z3"

Something missing at the end ?

Also something missing (two things) at and near the beginning (compare with the previous lines).

Thanks for that. I knew it must have been something really stupid. :angry:

Did the OP come back and pull his attached code? :o :o :o :o

Tom... :slight_smile: