Error message programming DHT11 Sensor

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

I am attempting to change some code I have for reading the RTC_DS1307 to read the DHT11. My code isn’t something typically used: I would imagine. My boss and I recently showed at the NYC Maker Faire with the “Nixie Rex” exhibit in case you happened to be there. We showed the 22" tall Neon discharge tubes we developed in the past couple years. A friend of ours wrote the original coding to program the clock and it really works great. I am trying to change the coding for a Nixie Thermometer we are developing now. This will use the DHT11 sensor. Though eventually I will want to also have the sensor read humidity, I only want to get temperature readings to work for now. I would ask our friend to help me but I do truly wish to learn something on my own doing this as well. Hoping somebody can help point me in the right direction. I will be attaching an image of the clock as well as my two programs for comparison. One will be the new temp read program and the nixie clock coding that functions perfectly. I write this expecting that I will need to add some clarification to my description so please specify any confusions and I will be happy to respond with further detail.


nixieClock2.ino (2.8 KB)

NixieTemp.ino (1.94 KB)

Since it's the one you ask about I had a quick look over your nixieTemp.lno and found NO occurance of you actually reading the temperature.

It's actually quite simple. You just include something like

 dht11 DHT11;
if (chk!=DHTLIB_OK)
  {//deal with the error here
  Serial.println("Oh dear"); 
  int Humidity=(int)DHT11.humidity;  
  int temp=DHT11.temperature;