Error message stating "expected primary-expression before 'long'"

void loop() {
  Serial.print(long read(), 1);
  Serial.println(" g");
  int weight1 = scale.getGram();
  if weight1 != scale.getGram() {

So I am trying to build a scale with the HX711 shield, but scale.getGram does not seem to be an existing element. So now I am trying to use long read, but it keeps saying "expected primary-expression before 'long'"?

What on earth are you attempting to do with that line?

That is not valid c syntax - I can't tell if you mean a cast (which requires the datatype in parens) or what.

What is read()? You haven't included that code...

  if weight1 != scale.getGram() {

That code is not right, either. if statements have parentheses around the condition.

And, you should get in the habit, NOW, of putting each { and each } on a line BY ITSELF.