error message "void not being ignored as it should be"

void loop()

for(int k = 1,j=22;j<38, k < 5;k++,j++){
int inc1[] = {1, 0, 0, 0};
int state = digitalWrite(j,inc1[k]);


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int state = digitalWrite(j,inc1[k]);

void not being ignored as it should be

digitalWrite() is a void function, you cannot assign it’s return value to anything as there isn’t one.

;j<38, k < 5;

Is that even valid code? It compiles but I don’t know what it does.


It is valid, but pointless in this instance. The “,” operator evaluates both sides for side-effects and returns the value of the right-hand side. In this case throwing out the result of j<38.

it would have made sense if it said

 for(int k = 1, j = 22;   (j < 38) &&  (k < 5); k++, j++ ){