Error message with SoftwareSerial on Minitronics

Hi, I'm new to Arduino and came about a long list of errors when I tried to compile for the first time. I am using the Minitronics board found here Minitronics 10 - RepRap. I was hoping you guys could help out, Thanks!

Here are my errors:

/Users/Sai/Desktop/ warning: only initialized variables can be placed into program memory area
/Users/Sai/Desktop/ In member function 'void SoftwareSerial::begin(long int)':
/Users/Sai/Desktop/ error: 'PCMSK2' was not declared in this scope
/Users/Sai/Desktop/ In member function 'void SoftwareSerial::end()':
/Users/Sai/Desktop/ error: 'PCMSK2' was not declared in this scope

Minitronics uses the ATmega1281 microcontroller which is evidently not supported by the stock Arduino SoftwareSerial library. Here is one that should be compatible with ATmega1281:

What hardware package are you using to add support for the Minitronics to the Arduino IDE? Post a link to it. Please use the chain links icon on the toolbar when you post links to make them clickable.

I am using this hardware package: - RepRap. All I need to do is get the serial bus working on the Minitronics Motherboard.

Yuck, what a nightmare. I hate it when they do that. These people should take a little time to learn how the Arduino IDE actually works.

Do you really need to use software serial? You do know the ATmega1281 has two hardware serial ports, right?

If you really want to use the SoftwareSerial library then I guess the easiest way would be to:

  • Delete /Users/Sai/Desktop/
  • Download
  • Unzip the downloaded file.
  • Copy MegaCore-2.0.0/avr/libraries/SoftwareSerial to /Users/Sai/Desktop/

the ATmega1281 has two hardware serial ports


Use that if you can!

If you need a 3rd serial port, I just added support for the ATmega1281 to my NeoSWSerial. It is much more efficient than SoftwareSerial. It's available from the Arduino IDE Library Manager, under the menu Sketch -> Include Library -> Manage Libraries.

AltSoftSerial would be even better, but I'm not sure it supports the 1281.

To be honest, no I had no clue. It's my first day using arduino and I'm just trying to learn the ropes. I'm trying to turn on a projector using the serial bus on this motherboard. I have access to code which worked for this motherboard, but something happened and it won't compile any longer. I am willing to start over and recode everything, but I don't know where to start.

When I deleted the file and replaced it with the one you linked, I got errors as well. There aren't as many, but it still won't let me compile


/Users/Sai/Desktop/ In member function 'void SoftwareSerial::begin(long int)':
/Users/Sai/Desktop/ error: 'PCMSK2' was not declared in this scope

I don't know where to start.

Start by figuring out how to use Serial1! It is 100x to 1000x better than SoftwareSerial.