Error message

Dear sir

im using arduino Ethernet shield and im programing it as automation and good work , behind this i hope to

make automatic ip finder , so i buy from amazon the book(programing and networking with the ethernet shield) so

when im right example on this book the became error message for this statement( Ethernet .begin((uint8_t*)mac,(uint8_t*)ip);)

the error message (this not declare in the scope)

i hope to help me to solve problem

best regards

this not declare in the scope

You need to copy and paste the EXACT error message. It is NOT what you summarized.

You need to post ALL of your code AFTER reading the stickies at the top of the forum.

i hope to help me to solve problem

Not a chance, yet.

adnan123: Ethernet .begin((uint8_t*)mac,(uint8_t*)ip);)

There should not be a space after "Ethernet". By the way, all words in C++ are case sensitive.