error message

The error message is 'lastSTATE' was not declared in this scope

And here is the part it says it at:

IR Breakbeam sensor demo!

#define LEDPIN 13
//Pin 13:Arduino has an LED connected on pin 13
//Pin 11:Teensy 2.0 has the LED on pin 11
//Pin 6:Teensy++ 2.0 has the LED on pin 6
//Pin 13:Teensy 3.0 has the LED on pin 13

#define SENSORPIN 4

//variables will change:
int sensorSTATE = 0, lastState=0; //variable for reading the pushbutton status

void setup() {
//initialize the LED pin as an output:
//initialize the sensor as an input:
digitalWrite(SENSORPIN, HIGH); // turn on the pullup


void loop(){
//read the state of the pushbutton value:
sensorSTATE = digitalRead(SENSORPIN);

//check if the sensor beam is broken
//if it is, the sensorState is LOW:
if (sensorSTATE == LOW) {
// turn LED on:
digitalWrite(LEDPIN, HIGH);
else {
// turn LED off:
digitalWrite(LEDPIN, LOW);

if (sensorSTATE && !lastSTATE) { (the error is for this line)
if (!sensorState && lastSTATE) {
lastState = sensorSTATE;

lastState != lastSTATE

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lastState and lastSTATE are not the same variables neither are sensorState and sensorSTATE.

You must spell out the variable names identically or declare a new variable.