Error messages on Mac (Arduino uno diy)

Hello at all

I have assembled home made arduino for fun, but every time i try to upload on it something show me the error

Programmer is not responding

I have all the driver of the earth, ftdi, cp2102, and other drivers

I am using the port


Programmer AVR ISP to try to load the default blink

The config chip is a CP2102

Ps: Sorry for my english, I can speak in italian if necessary

Have a nice day

What version boot loader is on the 328? What board is selected in Tools, Boards? Can you show a picture of your board?

Enable verbose upload in settings, then give us the full text of the error message.

I have bought an original ftdi chip, but nothing, i have selected Arduino Uno in board and usbserial tty it show me only programmer is not responding at this point I think the bootloader in the chip is corrupted or missing