ERROR : no matching function for call to 'BH1750FVI::BH1750FVI()'

why my program error? can you please help me
this is my program

#include <Wire.h>
#include <BH1750FVI.h>
BH1750FVI LightSensor;

void setup() { // put your setup code here, to run once:



void loop() {
// put your main code here, to run repeatedly:
uint16_t lux = LightSensor.GetLightIntensity();// Get Lux value
Serial.print(“Light: “);
Serial.println(” lux”);

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Post the entire error messge. Paraphrasing the error message leaves out important information.

Did you get this sorted out?

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The BH1750 is a photometer. You do not need arcane libraries; <wire.h> suffices.
Here is a ‘bare bones’ sketch. Should work with an Arduino Uno/Nano if you connect SCL of the BH1750 to arduino pin A5, and SDA to arduino pin A4. Do not forget 4.7k pullup for both SCL and SDA’ .
Output is to Serial Monitor.

Succes :slight_smile:

// BH1750_nano_serial_monitor_nn
// with smoothing (averaging) function
// by Photoncatcher
// 1 March 2020
// public domain

// pins BH1750: SCL (yellow color code) to pin A5 of Nano, SDA (green color code) to pin A4 of Nano - pullup 4.7 k both pins
// BH1750 I2C address 0x23 
// BH1750 is a 3.3V light sensor - works with 5V

  #include <Wire.h>

  int    BH1750_Device = 0x23;                                       // I2C address for BH1720 light sensor
  unsigned int lux, Scaled_FtCd, lux_av; 
  float  FtCd, wattsm2;
  int    iteration = 0;
  int    iteration_time = 3000;
void setup() {

   Serial.begin (9600);

   Wire.begin ();
   Wire.beginTransmission (BH1750_Device);
   Wire.write (0x10);                                                  // sets resolution to 1 Lux
   Wire.endTransmission ();
   delay (200);


void loop() 
   lux = BH1750_Read();
   lux_av= (lux_av + lux)/2;
   FtCd = lux_av/10.764;
   wattsm2 = lux_av/683.0;

   Serial.print ("iteration: ");
   Serial.println (iteration);  
   Serial.print ("Watts per square meter: ");
   Serial.println (wattsm2,4); 
   Serial.print ("lux = ");
   Serial.println (lux_av);    
   Serial.println ();
   delay (iteration_time);


// subroutine

 unsigned int BH1750_Read() {

   unsigned int i=0;
   Wire.beginTransmission (BH1750_Device);
   Wire.requestFrom (BH1750_Device, 2);
   while(Wire.available ()) 
     i <<=8;
   return i/1.2;  // Convert to Lux