Error "no matching function for call to 'MFRC522::MFRC522(int)'"


I am trying to use the code provided here for my M5stack RFID unit: m5-docs

But I always get the error "no matching function for call to 'MFRC522::MFRC522(int)'" when trying with Arduino IDE.

When not using the code above, the RFID tags are well detected, but I want to make use of them.

What does that error mean please? Can anyone help me please?

You probably didn’t install the MFRC522 library. Activate the option “Show verbose output during compilation” in the preferences. You might be able to solve the issue with the information you get there. Otherwise post the output you get here (no pictures! Copy the text and post it here, using code tags, that’s the </> button in the editor).

you need to enter another parameter, that is, Mfrc522 mfrc (0x28, 0); That is what tells you that an entire type parameter is missing.