Error: NTP time syn function inside the setup called again inside loop

I have setSyncProvider(getNtpTime) inside void setup to synhronise the device time with NTP server. I have a function that calls every minute inside the main loop function. When I checked the serial monitor, the getNtpTime was calling after every 5 minutes even though it is not inside main loop. Why is it happening? Any suggestions.

time_t getNtpTime()
  while (Udp.parsePacket() > 0) ; // discard any previously received packets
  Serial.println("Transmit NTP Request");
  uint32_t beginWait = millis();
  while (millis() - beginWait < 1500) {
    int size = Udp.parsePacket();
    if (size >= NTP_PACKET_SIZE) {
      Serial.println("Receive NTP Response");, NTP_PACKET_SIZE);  // read packet into the buffer
      unsigned long secsSince1900;
      // convert four bytes starting at location 40 to a long integer
      secsSince1900 =  (unsigned long)packetBuffer[40] << 24;
      secsSince1900 |= (unsigned long)packetBuffer[41] << 16;
      secsSince1900 |= (unsigned long)packetBuffer[42] << 8;
      secsSince1900 |= (unsigned long)packetBuffer[43];
      return secsSince1900 - 2208988800UL + timeZone * SECS_PER_HOUR;
  Serial.println("No NTP Response :-(");
  return 0; // return 0 if unable to get the time

You provided the time library with a pointer to your function 'getNtpTime', and the time library will call this function periodically, by default every 5 minutes, this can be changed with setSyncInterval