Error Of COM1

Hey, im using arduino nano in my project for Ultrasonic Ranger and an error is coming that COM1 file is not available. So plz help me with this error for my solution and need it as soon as possible

The IDE can't open/find COM1 to communicate on that port with your Arduino.
Check in device manger of your PC what is the right COM-port and adjust it to the one where the Arduino can be found.

Looking at your screen shot, what arduino controller have you selected.
You do not have nano selected.
Have you been able to load code on to controllers with this IDE before, ie what is its history/ Version?
What OS are you using?

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Highly unlikely that Nano is COM1 so you do not really have Nano / drivers / connection established.

how to establish connection for arduino nano and there does not exist any port for arduino nano. plz help me out with this

Do you have an original Nano or a Chinese clone?
If you got a clone, you most likely have as communication unit a CH340 which needs specific drivers.

Once the driver is installed correctly it will (after restart of Windows) recognize the Nano and assign a COM port to it.

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