Error on Charlieplex Library Playground page

I was having trouble with the example program posted on the Playground page:

When I compiled the program I kept getting back the error:

sketch_jul01b:20: error: 'plex' was not declared in this scope sketch_jul01b:22: error: 'plex' was not declared in this scope

When making sure I had loaded the library correctly I saw the folder "examples." On the chance it might have something that would be helpful I opened it. In it was what looked like the same program on the Playground page. When I compiled it though this one went through without an error message.

The difference is this. The program on the Playground page has these lines:

if (singleOn){ plex.clear(); }

The correct syntax is:

if (singleOn){ charlieplex.clear(); }

So it's charlieplex. NOT plex.

This is really frustrating and confusing to new programmers like me who are having enough trouble figuring out how to program never the less working from samples programs with errors. What would be the best way to get the playground page corrected?

Aren't those editable by anyone? Click the Edit button, scroll down, make the fixes. Makes one wonder if a global search/replace was done that screwed things up.

from the playground code:

I would love feedback at alexanderbrevig at gmail dot com

@CrossRoads You're right it is editable by anyone. I fixed it.

@robtillaart I did email him as well but I've done that in the past and he hasn't answered the email.

Thanks guys!