error on download after project rename

I am just reporting this error message because that is what the error message said to do.

I had the beginning of a new project. The project is developing a library member, It contains the standard files, plus a class header (.h) and class methods (.cpp). I have previously compiled the project (verify only).

Then I decided to change the name of the project/library to a different name. So I renamed both the .h and .cpp files and then renamed the actual project.

After this I did a "save". This was followed by a download request "..." button.

At this point I received an error message that said "... error please report it to support" or "the forum". This was at the bottom of the editor. There was no button on the error message to gather more information as one other forum message indicated.

I tried compiling the new project name. It received the same error. Then I went off to find the forum and write this report.

I went back to the project to gather images. This time when I did a verify compiled it worked, and the down load was successful.

Don't know what fixed the problem. Just letting you know it occurred.