Error Opening Com port/ Timeout errors

Hell all! Im still very new to all this, I recently purchased an arduino UNO (cheap ebay one) and a Mega2560, and both of them are using the CH340G USB-Serial chip.

When I plug it in it looks liek the blink program is runnining, but I cant upload any sketches to it. I've installed the drivers they say to use with it, and have the latest IDE installed, correct COM port selected (I manually updated the drivers for the com port found when I plugged it in) and correct board when trying to program it. I get one of 2 errors whenever I try accessing the board. WHen i do try, the blinking green light stays on until It fails and then returns to normal.

Heres the errors:

What am I doing wrong? Is there a way to prove the bootloader? Should I use different drivers or something? Using a windows 7 machine

This is a bump- Im still not having much luck with this -.- I do have 2 seperate boards but they both give me errors like these

I have installed correct drivers, again this is a CH340G serial chip and using latest IDE, correct ports and board selected in the IDE running on windows 7- The search continues!

If you actually listed the errors instead of asking people to go looking for them you might get a response.

um- Im actually following the forum guidelines by posting a LINK to the errors instead of needlessly spamming the whole thread with the readout, and I did try and look into a solution for this before just crying like a baby... Im new to this granted this is probably an easy fix- The link to the errors was posted twice

See? :(