Error report: Expected identifier

What is meant by "expected identifier"?
I received that error notice while copying a sketch from Getting Started with Arduino, Example4-5 (Button Press formula).

PushButtonControl:17: error: expected identifier before '(' token

{if (val==HIGH) && (old_val==LOW)) {


PushButtonControl:17: error: expected ';' before '(' token

PushButtonControl:23: error: expected primary-expression before '}' token

} else}


PushButtonControl:23: error: expected ';' before '}' token

PushButtonControl:26: error: expected declaration before '}' token



  } else}

In which example have you ever seen "else" followed by a closing brace?

Please post your code, in code tags.

Look at your parenthesis at the if line.

Please read Nick Gammon's post at the top of this Forum on the proper way to post source code listings here using code tags. Also, before you post your code, use Ctrl-T in the IDE to reformat your code in a common C style. It will help us help you.