Error resolving FQBN: board

Hi, Win 10 version 20H2, IDE version 1.8.12
attempting to install Sparkfun ATtiny85 board
In my sketch/hardware folder I have placed the attiny folder which contains the AVR folder, which contains the boards.txt file. I reboot the IDE and load a simple sketch to blink the onboard led. When I try to verify or load the file I get the subject error message. When I try to select the board the entries contained in the boards.txt file are not there. It appears that the file is not being read.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks Ernie

Please provide a link the the board, as well as the learning page on Sparkfun you are following.

BTW the board is ok as it works perfectly on a Raspberry pi.


My recommendation is for you to delete the folder from your sketchbook and then use Boards Manager to install it. The instructions are here:

But if you're set on learning how to manually install an Arduino boards platform, we can definitely help you out.

That did it.

Thank you _Ernie

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