Error: 'TCRR1B' was not declared in this scope


I am getting the following error message: '‘TCRR1B’ was not declared in this scope"
There does not seen to be a problem with changing the PRR register as it was compiling fine when I was only changing that. But once I added the TCRR1B lines I get the above error. I had a Google and in other similar issues adding #include <Arduino.h> helped but I tried that and it hasn’t made any difference. Does anybody have any other suggestions which I could try? Thanks

Oh and this is for Arduino Nano with atmega 328P and I have these selected correctly under the Tools->board and Tools->processor drop-down menu in the Arduino 1.6.1 programming interface.

#include <Arduino.h>

void setup() 
  // Stop interrupts
  // Enable Timer/counter1 by clearing PRTIM1
  PRR = PRR & 11110111;
  // Selecting the Prescaler to be 8
  // Clearing clock select bits CS12 and CS10 
  TCCR1B = TCRR1B & 11111010;
  // Setting clock select bit CS11
  TCCR1B = TCRR1B | 00000010;

  // Allow interrupts  


void loop() 
  // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:


Shouldn't the two lines be:

  TCCR1B = TCCR1B & 11111010;
  // Setting clock select bit CS11
  TCCR1B = TCCR1B | 00000010;

Ah I missed the second C and added an extra R for some reason. Took me awhile looking at your reply to see the difference too haha, thank you :slight_smile: