ERROR: Timed out waiting for Arduino 101 on COM3

Hi all, my first experience of using Arduino and sadly it hasn't been good...

Windows 10
Arduino online editor
Genuino 101
Blink sketch supplied within online IDE

I've installed the plug-in to allow the editor to upload over USB, that went OK. I can see in the editor that it has found my board on COM3. When I press the master reset button on the Genuiono 101, there is a Windows 'da..da..da' sound showing it is not responding, and when releasing the master reset button there is another sound 'dum-diddley-dum' showing it is found again.

When I try to upload the sketch, all I get is:

Waiting for device...

many times, until eventually:

ERROR: Timed out waiting for Arduino 101 on COM3

I have re-booted the computer but it doesn't make any difference.

Obviously I can't make any progress until this is sorted, but how do I sort it? I'm not particularly good with drivers/registry and all that complicated stuff, I thought this would be fairly easy.

Judging by the silence from the forum on this, I guess no-one has any idea...

However, I have solved it and in case anyone else has the same issue, here's what I did.

Download, install and run the desktop Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment - i.e. 'the Arduino software').

Connect Arduino/Genuino 101. After a few moments, a message will appear near the bottom of the IDE offering to install a package to use this board. Click on this message.

A dialogue box "Boards Manager" will open. Type will have been pre-set to 'All', this is fine so leave this. The 'filter' box to the right will say something about Arduino/Genuino101. The main area of the dialog box will be empty and the only button available to click on will be 'Close'. What you need to do is to delete the text in the top right filter box where it is pre-filled with something about Arduino/Genuino101, since the text is wrong. When this filter box is empty, you will see a list of boards appear in the main area of the dialogue box. Scroll down until you see Intel Curie Boards and the Arduino 101 will be listed as a board under that type. Hover your mouse over this section of the window and an install button will appear. Click on that and it will download and install the package.

It may help at this point to re-boot your computer - I don't know if it is necessary or not. I ended up doing it because I didn't think it had worked, but it may not be necessary.

When you try and download your first sketch, it won't work. While the download is supposed to be happening, press the master reset button on the board (the one between USB connector and DC power socket). After a few moments, the sketch should load.

Well, mine did anyway.

You can use the desktop IDE if you get that far. I also tried out the online editor and that now works too. Clearly there is something in the 'package' that is needed to talk with this board, but the online editor doesn't seem to know about it.

Judging by the impatience for an answer you never looked too far for other case usage.

There is both a CREATE section and a 101 section.

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Judging by the impatience for an answer you never looked too far for other case usage.

OP waited two days for a reply; I would not call that impatient.

OP waited two days for a reply; I would not call that impatient.

But neither did they use the search or the two other sections :o

As an aside to this I thought the 101 was retired ?
It was certainly an awkward board to deal with and IIRC Intel was a good chunk to blame.

It hated usb 3.0 ports with a voracity not seen before.
It would fall over and then work and then fall over again with no intermediate actions.
The "touch port" issue as the worst ever with timing being super critical.

Oh and it was supper fussy about USB cables too !