Error: too many initializers for byte

I have 3 RFID reader and 12 tags. These tags are divided in 3 categories and they form a 64 combination (each combination as 3 tags. For examples, this is one combination {"1954beb8", "a905bdb8", "0938c4b8"}).
When you pass 3 tags in the right combination a green led starts blinking, if you use a tag that isn't in a combination red led start lighting.

I wrote this:

byte tagarray[...] = {
{"1954beb8", "a905bdb8", "0938c4b8"},
.......... }

and all the other combination

I want to know how can I calculate the byte that I have to put in byte tagarray[HERE]
because if I put 64 the "too many initializers for byte" error starts, if I put a casual number like 30000 it tell me that this number is too large.
Thank you

I wrote this:

byte tagarray[][...] = {
   {"1954beb8", "a905bdb8", "0938c4b8"},
   .......... }

So many wrong things.

Now I try to write byte tagarray[64][3]
But there is the same error with 3

Now I try to write byte tagarray[64][3]
But there is the same error with 3

"1954beb8" How many characters?

Post code, post actual error messages, not snippets.

With "" they are 10 or 8.
I try also with 8, 10 or 8x3 or 10x3.
I cannot understand the mechanism

I never use arduino before. I try to learn something.

See reply #3


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I've done it ALONE.. For others that need help
The first [rows], second [column], third [the number of letters]
I have 1 row, 3 column and 10 letters for each column
byte tagarray[1][2][10] = {
{"1954beb8", "a905bdb8", "0938c4b8"} }.

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