Error-Ultrasonic Sensor

I use an arduino UNO, connected to an ultrasonic sensor, and lcd. The LCD shows the distance , how many cms is our object placed at. I'm getting the values as zero when connected. Everything is connected , i checked it over 10 times. And is it the problem of voltage or something like that ? When connected with the power bank , it shows the zero after every second, like 20,0,19,20,0,0,0,20 when object is stable, but when I plug usb through computer , it shows like 20, 19 ,20 , 21,0,19, 0,21 , object is stable. What can I do. I dont want this zero . Please help.


Can you give more details like: schematic of circuit, what kind of battery, code, etc. Until we have that information, it's hard to guess what the problem might be.