error: unknown name type

Hello! I just got a new Arduino Robotic Kit (project kit #2) and I have built the Catapult Robot.

I have been working on this all day! Everything was going fine until I had to verify and upload the Catapult_demo.ino, Catapult_home_remote.ino, and the Catapult_IR_remote.ino. When ever i try to verify and upload anyone of those, this error pops up:

Catapult_demo:32: error: 'MakeItRobotics' does not name a type Catapult_demo.ino: In function 'void setup()': Catapult_demo:40: error: 'catapult' was not declared in this scope Catapult_demo.ino: In function 'void loop()': Catapult_demo:47: error: 'catapult' was not declared in this scope

This pops up for all three files.

Please help!! This is my first Arduino Bot, so any additional information would be greatly appreciated!!

Its problem with library. Cross check your library.

If you can share library file link we can update here.

And als0 u need to share your code. Without code we can’t say whats wrong.