Error uploading code to board and finding port

Hello, I've been having trouble using my new Arduino Nano 33 BLE board. I had trouble connecting my previous arduino board (Nano IOT) and it turns out that it was fried (I tried different computers and different cords), so I purchased this one. At first, I had a circuit connecting to my SD card module, and this didn't work. I was advised that this could be due to incorrect connections/wiring, so I tried a simple motor code and it worked. However, when I tried again I've been getting these errors (picture attached) while uploading for every code, and after it's compiled it automatically forgets the port and disconnects. The blink code is uploaded to the board (Built in LED is working), but when I open serial monitor, the port switches to a different one and I get an error message saying Port not found. I looked through similar problems and they suggested trying different cords, computers, and pressing the reset button while uploading but none of these were working. Could someone please point me to a resource or help me find a solution to this? Sorry if the explanation was confusing, Let me know if I need to clarify any more details!

I think this is just an unfortunate quirk of the Nano 33 BLE. I have learned to just accept it. When using this board, I make sure to always close Serial Monitor before uploading.

I put the board in bootloader mode when uploading by pressing the reset button twice quickly. With these measures, I can usually avoid chasing the port all over the place.