Error Uploading sketches to Arduino Boards/ Bootloading

Can't upload sketches to Arduino Boards?
Getting stk 500, sync errors?

Sometimes, the bootloader of the chip that comes with Arduino Boards can also get corrupted, and this can be a reason you are getting errors while uploading sketches to it.

  • You need to know there are two kind of chips(atmega microcontrollers): Bootloaded and Not bootloaded.
  • Chip that comes with Arduino Boards are bootloaded and if you buy (only) a chip, than it isn't bootloaded.
  • You can successfully upload a sketch only to a bootloaded a chip. Means you can't directly upload a code to the chip you buy from the market.

So how to bootload?

-You need to have a bootloaded chip.
-You can use an Arduino Board for this as it comes with a bootloaded chip.

There are again two ways to bootload using an Arduino Board:

  • Using an external circuit on a breadboard
  • Using another Arduino Board

Basically, both the methods involve the same concept, but using another Arduino Board would be more easy.

What I have learned from the above two methods is that I was not able to bootload using the first option. I would advice you to look for an another arduino board, carefully remove the bootloaded chip and place the chip you want to bootload.

Check the below links for reference:

Bootloaded chips can be bought :wink:

yes you're right, but i wasn't sure if they are available, so i didn't mention it :sweat_smile:

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