Error uploading sketches with latest 1.8.1

Im guessing thats the latest. The sketch worked fine until I updated a few weeks back to 1.8.1. I even tried uploading other sketches, even a blank sketch.

The board is not a nano original but it works like one and I have used it for quite a while and others just like it, its from tinysine. Today trying to upload a modification to the sketch on the board ( changed analog pin A0 to A1), it would not upload, giving an avrdude out of sync error 1 thru 10.

I opened up an old 1.7.6 version of arduino IDE and it uploaded but it doesnt seem to run.

What can I do?

1.8.5 is the latest, give that a try.

Also make sure it's not something basic like a broken USB cable. They don't last forever.

Is there a way to update from within the current IDE or just download the new one?

I just downloaded and tried uploading the blink sketch using 1.8.5 and I get the same error.

Any other ideas?

The problem is related to your update to Arduino AVR Boards 1.6.21 via Boards Manager, not the IDE version.

You need to select: Tools > Processor > ATmega328P (Old Bootloader).

Great! Thanks, that was the issue.