Error using NodeMCU 12-E with OLED 0.96 128x64


I'm trying to display something on OLED 0.96 128x64 using an ESP8266 NodeMCU 12-E and I got the following error:

Arduino: 1.8.15 (Windows 10), Board: "NodeMCU 1.0 (ESP-12E Module), 80 MHz, 115200, 4M (3M SPIFFS)"

C:\Users\uib46074\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Adafruit_BusIO\Adafruit_SPIDevice.cpp: In member function 'void Adafruit_SPIDevice::transfer(uint8_t*, size_t)':

C:\Users\uib46074\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Adafruit_BusIO\Adafruit_SPIDevice.cpp:136:31: error: no matching function for call to 'SPIClass::transfer(uint8_t*&, size_t&)'

     _spi->transfer(buffer, len);


C:\Users\uib46074\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Adafruit_BusIO\Adafruit_SPIDevice.cpp:136:31: note: candidate is:

In file included from C:\Users\uib46074\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Adafruit_BusIO/Adafruit_SPIDevice.h:4:0,

                 from C:\Users\uib46074\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Adafruit_BusIO\Adafruit_SPIDevice.cpp:1:

C:\Users\uib46074\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\esp8266\hardware\esp8266\2.3.0\libraries\SPI/SPI.h:64:11: note: uint8_t SPIClass::transfer(uint8_t)

   uint8_t transfer(uint8_t data);


C:\Users\uib46074\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\esp8266\hardware\esp8266\2.3.0\libraries\SPI/SPI.h:64:11: note:   candidate expects 1 argument, 2 provided

exit status 1

Error compiling for board NodeMCU 1.0 (ESP-12E Module).

What makes you think this is a bootloader issue?
It looks like the code you didn't post was written for a different processor family.

I've loaded an example from the Adafruit SSD1306 library directly from Arduino IDE. I've put the board inside the platform.
The Wifi scanning for example for the ESP8266 worked.

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Can you give me more advices how to proceed?

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