Error verily ad compile Marlin

have a i3 prusa printer. I just installed the new Arduino ide 1.82 to my board. I have tried to upload, verily and compile Marlin 1.0, but I get and error message, ( using typedef- name'fpos_t' after 'struct') How do I fix this? board mega 2580


What version of marlin do I use to use Arduino 1.8.2. I need to upgrade?


I think Marlin is written against 1.0.6... That's what the wiki page I got to within under a minute of searching says.

I do not recommend using that ancient version of the IDE for anything other than compiling legacy code like Marlin that's incompatible with the current compiler/core/IDE.

Should be fixed if you use release 1.0.2-2. See: