Error when trying to compile on Eee PC

Hi guys,

As it states in the title, basically having that problem and to elaborate, I’m trying to compile an example sketch that normally works perfectly on standard PC/Laptops and on my Eee PC (Model: Asus x101ch) it gives me an error… please help me out, here is the error I get:

Compilation Error ← Click Me

the sketch is called PS3BT it comes with the USBHostShield library. I also correctly placed the USBHost library folder.

If I dont end up getting to the bottom of this and having it working I may have to sell my Eee pc as its no use to me if I cant program :sob: so any help at all would be really appreciated

Looks like you have two different USBHostShield2 libraries installed in two different places: C:\Program Files\Arduino\libraries\USBHostShield2\ Right library, wrong place C:\Users\Asus\Documents\Arduino\libraries\USBHostShield2maste\ Wrong library, right place.

Wow, you're right but I had installed the lib manually so I deleted all them libs and then imported the libraries instead and now it works! :D thanks for your help, much appreciated