Error when trying to compile tlc5940 "serial" sket

I have built an array of rgb leds and would like to control them with the tlc5940. I have tried everything i can think of but have not been able to get the tlc5940 library to compile with any examples. This is my first time running sketches on the arduino and am stumped as to what is causing the problem.

I am trying to compile the "serial" example (by acleone. from google codes) but receive the following error code.

In function 'void TlcMux_shift8_init()': In function 'void TlcMux_init(uint16_t)': In function 'void setup()':


but receive the following error code

There is more to the error message than this, this bit is just saying where the line that is confusing the compiler is. Have you installed the library correctly?

I tried to install the libraries correctly. I have been opening the sketch in arduino by going to file>sketchbook>serial. once the sketch is open i go to the menu and choose: sketch>add file. I have the file structure set up on my hard drive as follows. ...documents/arduino/libraries and ...documents/arduino/sketches

That is all the error code that gets displayed. Am i not adding the library correctly? It seems like it should be straight forward but i am missing something?

1) Download: Unzip it into your arduino/libraries directory

2) Download: Unzip it into your arduino/libraries directory

Then you should have arduino/libraries/Tlc5940Mux and arduino/libraries/Tlc5940

Then try again to compile !

I get the same message. ? Should the library folder i have the serial sketch in be the same one that the ,examples pre installed in the arduino, are in? Maybe that is the problem, i don't know? Thanks for such a quick response.


i have



Yeah, that's what i have too. So, those 3 errors are saying that there is something in each one of those functions that the sketch"serial cant (find?, read? connect with? so maybe its not the libraries or the sketch that are the problem, and it's the platform or some sort of app config issue. I guess worst case, I can erase my arduio software, re-install, and dowload the tlc files again. Does anyone know of a good site or vid tut to learn debugging? maybe i can solve it that way before a re-install.

Maybe I am running the wrong file to load the "serial" eaxample. What file should i be running(or compiling), to verify the serial example for the 5940? And what libraries do you need to attach to the main file. JUST so i can eliminate possibilities. Thanks again.


This one: