Error while burning bootloader

Hey guys, I do not know why I encounter this problem while burning bootloader to my atmega328 although I changed the signature in the avrdude file from 0F to 14.

Hope can help

Thank you

Looks like your USBasp programmer isn't properly connected to the ATmega386 or the ATmega doesn't have a working system clock. What board is the ATmega plugged into and does it have a 16 MHz crystal or resonator?

the board is an arduino uno board ..It has 16mhz crystal on it. I dono how i change the configuration insude the atmega chip to what already to fix it ?

My USBasp programmer came with a 10-pin ICSP cable. The Arduino has a 6-pin ICSP header. Did you get a 10-Pin to 6-Pin adapter? Are you sure you have it connected the right way around? The 6-pin header on the Arduino UNO is not keyed so you can accidentally plug the cable in backwards. Does the power LED light up when you plug in the programmer? Mine does.

Yes, have 6 pins adapter. Connected it correctly :slight_smile:

Might be time to take the error message's advice and look for a USBasp firmware upgrade.

Not because of that. I think I changed the fuse inside perhaps or maybe the setting ?