Error while burning bootloader

I installed a new ATMega328 chip on my Arduino Uno, and I was following the instructions at

for 'Minimal Circuit (eliminating the external clock)' as I don't have a 16MHz crystal. As directed, I'm using Arduino 1.0.1 software and I've saved the 'breadboard' folder from the into the 'hardware' folder of the sketches directory. However, when I try to burn the bootloader, I get this error message:

avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00

I've tried different ports and different cables, and I've tried adding the serial.Download_rate=9600 into my preferences.txt file just in case, but these things don't seem to help.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

You probably bricked the chip. The IDE burns the fuses first and set it to external clock source, then atmega won't start as result. Solution is to connect a crystal or connect clock signal.
Are you using Arduino as ISP? If so, look for modified ISP sketch with clock signal. It provides 8MHz on pin #9. Just connect this signal to the XTAL1 pin on target ATmega (pin 9 on PDIP 28 package) and you should be able to burn the bootloader.

Thank you for your response! I am using Arduino as ISP.
I’ve now tried uploading the ISP sketch at the link below, but I still get the same error. Is there anything else I can try?

Description: GitHub - adafruit/ArduinoISP: A fork of the ArduinoISP that has 8mhz output clock

Sketch: ArduinoISP/ArduinoISP.ino at master · adafruit/ArduinoISP · GitHub

Hm, hard to say, you should provide more detailed information like full output include the command, picture of your setup. The response 0x00 means that there is no connection to the target at all. It means first to check the wiring , also no clock on target MCU, incorrect setting...
However, the sketch is that kind I had in mind. Did you connect correct pin to clock source?
..and the speed 9600 doesn't concern about the ISP. It is relate to serial programming, but first you have the bootloader burned - just to be sure.