Error while downloading in the board manager


I would like to use the arduino to program my attiny.

I have added the following link for presets:

If I now open the board administrator comes the following error message:

Error while downloading

I would be happy about your help Freddy

Fred95: Error while downloading

Is that really what the error says? I'd expect it to say:

Error while downloading

yes, in fact, I wrote wrong

After you get that error and then click the “Close” button, you should see some detailed error output in the black console window at the bottom of the Arduino IDE window. Please copy and paste all of that output in a reply here using code tags (</> button on the toolbar).

As a sanity check, try opening that link in your browser:

I can easily open the link

In the error message are unfortunately German designations

Fehler beim Herunterladen von
java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.Exception: Fehler beim Herunterladen von
    at cc.arduino.contributions.packages.ui.ContributionManagerUI.lambda$onUpdatePressed$1(
Caused by: java.lang.Exception: Fehler beim Herunterladen von
    at cc.arduino.contributions.packages.ContributionInstaller.downloadIndexAndSignature(
    at cc.arduino.contributions.packages.ContributionInstaller.updateIndex(
    at cc.arduino.contributions.packages.ui.ContributionManagerUI.lambda$onUpdatePressed$1(
    ... 1 more
Caused by: java.nio.file.FileSystemException: C:\ProgramData\MATLAB\SupportPackages\R2018a\3P.instrset\arduinoide.instrset\idepkgs\package_index.json.tmp: Der Prozess kann nicht auf die Datei zugreifen, da sie von einem anderen Prozess verwendet wird.

    at sun.nio.fs.WindowsException.translateToIOException(
    at sun.nio.fs.WindowsException.rethrowAsIOException(
    at sun.nio.fs.WindowsException.rethrowAsIOException(
    at sun.nio.fs.WindowsFileSystemProvider.implDelete(
    at sun.nio.fs.AbstractFileSystemProvider.delete(
    at java.nio.file.Files.delete(
    ... 5 more

So the error comes from an installed Matlab SupportPackage for Simulink ...

Have uninstalled it, now it works.

Thanks for the tipps


I'm glad to hear it's working again. Nice work finding the solution. Enjoy! Per