Error while setting serial port parameters: 9,600 N 8 1

Newbie here:
I can't even load a Serial.begin(9600);
Any thoughts?

Thoughts are that you really should read the posts at the top of the forum and add so much more information that seems to be missing.

Crystal ball blew a fuse trying its best.

Crystal ball blew a fuse trying its best.

Look in your box of spares. If you don’t find one, just replace is by a 5mm nail cut to length :smiley:

newbies, don’t try this at home

What do you mean when you say "trying to load" that?

Trying to compile a sketch with that line? Trying to upload a sketch with that line? To what board? What makes you say there's a problem? (If you get an error message, post it, FFS! whenever you ask for help with any problem where an error message is shown (not just arduino, anything) always post the full text of any and all error messages. Just because you don't know what the error means doesn't mean the people you're asking won't)