Error while trying to appload the sketch

@sterretje . This is schematic, the first two motors sharing the same power supply are meant to be solenoids, the third with external power supply is the pump's.
I simulated it and it was running exactly as I wanted
The board shown is UNO, in my real circuit it is replaced by mega, it has no any difference.

so the voltage I was telling I measured across relays contact is across each relay contact input and ground when connect.

you can try to draw it in proteus and simulate it with the code I sent. You will see how it's running.

I'm not sure my problem needed this much details, it is only a fail to uppload which I believe was not caused by the circuit.

As many times as it takes to ensure that what you are telling me is unequivocal, and definitely in the right context. Just wait until it's your turn to help a total stranger remotely and you will begin to realize why I'm asking. Good luck with your project.

@aarg. Okay thanks. You was more or less asking the same thing.