Error whilst uploading simple examples onto Arduino connected with ESP8266

I am literally doing the standard thing to see the basic functions of ESP8266 module. I am trying to upload code I got from here, and I am getting this error.

C:\Users\*******\Documents\Arduino\libraries\ESP8266WiFi\src\ESP8266WiFiSTA.cpp: In function 'bool sta_config_equal(const station_config&, const station_config&)':

C:\Users\*******\Documents\Arduino\libraries\ESP8266WiFi\src\ESP8266WiFiSTA.cpp:70:5: error: static assertion failed: struct station_config has changed, please update comparison function

     static_assert(sizeof(station_config) == 112, "struct station_config has changed, please update comparison function");


Using library ESP8266WiFi at version 1.0 in folder: C:\Users\*******\Documents\Arduino\libraries\ESP8266WiFi 
exit status 1
Error compiling for board Generic ESP8266 Module.

I obviously googled this error message, but all I could find was part of the code that displays this error message (and one in Chinese), and I couldn't find anyone with the same error. I get no error when I try to upload the Blink example under ESP8266 examples. What does that error mean?

You should not install the ESP8266WiFi library separately. That library is bundled with the ESP8266 core for Arduino. When you install the ESP8266 core for Arduino, you also install the ESP8266WiFi library and you get the version of that library that is compatible with the version of the core you have installed. Please delete C:\Users*******\Documents\Arduino\libraries\ESP8266WiFi. After that, the code will most likely compile.