Error with Arduino Uno with built-in Wifi


I’m rather new to the Arduino programming, so sorry if my question is rather stupid. I recently bought an Arduino Uno with built-in WiFi.

I dont’t understand how to get started with it. The official “getting started” tutorial on the website says that I have to connect my PC (I’m working with Windows) to the Arduino WiFi AP by connecting the PC to an ESSID like this: Arduino-Uno-WiFi-xxxxxx.

My PC does not seen this SSID :frowning:

I have also tried to get it started with Cayenne. I have uploaded their Arduino Wifi script to my Arduino. When I open the serial interface, I only see this error message “[13] WiFi shield not present”.

Does it mean that my Arduino Uno with Built-in WiFi is damaged ?

Any suggestion on how to troubleshoot it ?

Many thanks in advance !!



OK - now look up at the address bar, see the name of this website?

I’m sorry : what’s the difference between and ? Thanks


But both use the same logo, i.e. they seem to refer to the same family of devices. If this is not the case, point taken, but all I'm saying is that it does not clearly appear as such for newbies like myself.

As I said, I'm new to this, but this sound "weird" to say the least.

Anyway, Are you saying that there is such a schism between the 2 communities that people using "" hardware won't talk to people on the other side of the fence ?

I can't believe that nobody on this forum has ever encountered an issue similar to mine.

Thanks anyway...


spycatcher2k, where have you been in the last six months?

Apart from that announcement very little has really surfaced about how much they are re-integrating. and which aspects of which software will take precedence etc.

I will send ORG stuff to ORG until more details appear.

(deleted) forum ist pretty much dead, sending somone there is ridiculous.

This is a free forum, don't act like an employee, or are you one?