Error with light sensor

Good afternoon! excuse me, I have a doubt. :blush:
A few days ago I bought a light sensor with its respective module to use it with my ARDUINO. I make the respective connections as indicated, but when I want to get the data from this sensor, it is not really what I wanted.
Since when I record the data in a variable and print it on the console, it only records two numbers, 21 and 1023. And they do not vary beyond these two.
I want to know if the problem is of the module purchased or you have to do something else to start working with this sensor.


Thank you in advance for your prompt response, have a nice day. :orange_heart:

It's the module you purchased. It only has a digital output, no analog.

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You will only get an on and off signal, ie digital as aarg stated. The trim pot allows you to set the light threshold to the light level you want.

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If you need an analog voltage you can simply unsolder the LDR and use it in a potential divider circuit

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