Error with sample sketch - USB Shield 2 xbox controller

I installed this library:

My intention is to use the XBOX Wireless controller with a usb shield on arduino.
Opened the sample sketch in Arduino software, and button "Verify". The result is this:

In file included from /home/user/sketchbook/libraries/USBShield2/xboxEnums.h:21:0,
from /home/user/sketchbook/libraries/USBShield2/XBOXRECV.h:24,
from XBOXRECV.ino:1:
/home/user/sketchbook/libraries/USBShield2/controllerEnums.h:191:8: erro: ‘constexpr’ não nomeia um tipo
inline constexpr int8_t ButtonIndex(ButtonEnum key) {
/home/user/sketchbook/libraries/USBShield2/controllerEnums.h:191:8: nota: C++11 ‘constexpr’ somente disponível com -std=c++11 ou -std=gnu++11
In file included from /home/user/sketchbook/libraries/USBShield2/XBOXRECV.h:24:0,
from XBOXRECV.ino:1:
/home/user/sketchbook/libraries/USBShield2/xboxEnums.h: Na função ‘int8_t getButtonIndexXbox(ButtonEnum)’:
/home/user/sketchbook/libraries/USBShield2/xboxEnums.h:66:43: erro: ‘ButtonIndex’ was not declared in this scope
const int8_t index = ButtonIndex(b);

Is this error a bug in the new library version, or is my error? How can i solve this?
Thanks for attention.

You seem to have a problem with button index , but you need to show us your code , using code tags

I solved the problem using the last version of the library on GitHub - felis/USB_Host_Shield_2.0: Revision 2.0 of USB Host Library for Arduino.
Other developer merged a recent update.


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