error with the code of addressing

Hi guys, i have a problem with my code…i want to create a net with 5 arduinos that communicate each other by using nrf24l01… the problem is the following: this code dosen’t enter in to the loop, because when i try to prints something on the serial it reprints the string inside the setup metode, do you have any suggest? thank you in andvance…

Luigi_Instradamento_2.ino (8.38 KB)

The code you posted won't even compile.

You seem to feel that you have something on the order of a couple of terabytes of memory. Perhaps you should consult the documentation and discover just how much (or how little) you actually have.

this code compile… but i have other issue…

Luigi_Instradamento_2.ino (8.39 KB)

And what might that other issue be?

it dosent enter into the while (network.available()) inside the loop metode…

Which Arduino are you compiling that code for? How much memory is available after your initialization code runs?

Arduino..... Its not a problem of space, only 30% if Memory its usage with this sketch..

Have you tried any of TMRh20's network examples?

Can you get 2 nRF24's to communicate together without using the network code? There is no point trying anything else until you can do that reliably.

Do you really need to use a Network? Or would it be sufficient to designate one nRF24 as master and have it communicate with all of the others one by one? The second example in this Simple nRF24L01+ Tutorial can be extended so that the master communicates with several slaves.