Hey guys I need some help. I was uploading a program to my robot witch has a modified Arduino as the controller. It is the DFRobotShop Rover.

When I try to upload this program:

int S1 = 6;
int S2 = 5;
int D1 = 8;
int D2 = 7;
void setup()
  pinMode(S1, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(S2, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(D1, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(D2, OUTPUT);
void loop()
  analogWrite (S1,255);
  analogWrite (S2,255);
  analogWrite (S1,255);
  analogWrite (S2,255);

I get this error:

Binary sketch size: 1330 bytes (of a 32256 byte maximum) avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00

Any help would be great!

the IDE is not detecting the arduino robot.

do you have the correct serial port selected in IDE? the correct board type(i think UNO would be correct?)?

Yeah, sirbow2 is right, i get that error message on my desktop all the time because its a dinosaur, try unplugging and then replugging your arduino back in, then just go through the different serial ports under tools, if none of them work try another usb port, rinse and repeat.

Thanks for the reply guys! Now I feel really dumb because the board on my robot is a Duemilanove but I haven't used it for a while and have been using my Uno so I forgot to change the board back. But it works now so thanks!