Errors loading LiquidCrystalDisplay.h

Hello all,

I am a new Arduino User. I just purchased an Arduino Diecimila and a 16x2 LCD display. I am a mechanical engineering student with an associates degree in digital electronics and have some experience with other micro controller boards like the Handy Board, Basic Stamp, OOPic, and some limited experience with Motorola 6808. I was pleased to be able to make the Arduino run all of the example sketches (ie Blink, Fade, Debounce, Loop, etc) without any problems. I must admit that so far I like the Arduino.

I soldered header pins onto my display and connected it according to the tutorial. I then downloaded the Liquid Crystal Display library and with the Arduino program closed extracted it to the C:\arduino-0010\hardware\libraries\ folder leaving it in its own folder. Thats where the problem started. Immediately upon opening the Arduino program again I recieved the following error.

Error Building Library "LiquidCrystal"

LiquidCrystal.cpp:8: error: declaration of C function 'void pinMode(int, int)' conflicts with C:\arduino-0010\hardware\cores\arduino/wiring.h:74: error: previous declaration 'void pinMode(uint8_t, uint8_t)' here LiquidCrystal.cpp:9: error: declaration of C function 'void digitalWrite(int, int)' conflicts with C:\arduino-0010\hardware\cores\arduino/wiring.h:75: error: previous declaration 'void digitalWrite(uint8_t, uint8_t)' here LiquidCrystal.cpp:10: error: declaration of C function 'int digitalRead(int)' conflicts with C:\arduino-0010\hardware\cores\arduino/wiring.h:76: error: previous declaration 'int digitalRead(uint8_t)' here

I have been looking for a solution on the forums for a while now and have had no luck. Please if anyone has an Idea of what might be going on I would appreciate a hand.



Boy do I feel like a bone head

I did a search on the exact error and came up with this thread.

Sorry about that guys...

I'll try googleing a little harder next time.....