errors never had before

Hi new to all this

I purchased a LED light timer over a year ago and had the lights pre programmed. now when i changed the light timing to cum on earlier it wont verify keeps bringing up

nokia_3310_lcd’ does not name a type

Can anyone help please

Rusty2.ino (43.3 KB)

Problem in line 220.

Nokia_3310_lcd lcd = Nokia_3310_lcd();

I don't know the library but Nokia_3310_lcd lcd will not work. You are missing something.

// Modifications: 28-06-2013 by J.T.EVans, Eclectic Solutions Ltd, UK 
// The program and its libraries have been modified to compile with Arduino IDE V 1.0.5

Perhaps you need updates to get it all to work on Arduino IDE V1.6.6. If you want help, post all errors and warnings you get when you compile.